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Best Doctor, Very steady hands
My regular Goto doctor, for whenever me and my mum need any kind of 'maintenance'.
Very steady hands, injections do not hurt much.
My mom loves the Botox here and I love the PRP.
All the staff is very friendly (especially Caca) and the service is always top notch.
If you are looking for the best results, go to DrShane.
Dark circle prp microneedling
I went to DrShane to heal my under eye dark circle. He advised me to do prp microneedling. I was hesitant as my skin is thin n sensitive but he assured me that microneedling is the best treatment. After having it, i got dark marks n it has been a month. The marks have turned into PIH and now im struggling to get rid of the marks as my wedding is only 2-month away. Im devastated. Very devastated.

Great service &Products
Great Service & Products

My stubborn acne which has plagued me since my tweens is finally under control. I highly recommend their acne regime.

Works like magic for me. I'm never turning back. Ever.

facial was nice and relaxing as well.
Good Service, Professional Staff
Saw one of their ads and decided to give it a try.

After consulting with Dr.Shane I decided to go with their Brightening & Pore Shrinking treatment. It was very relaxing, I almost fell asleep during some parts of it. Overall I am very satisfied with the treatment and will recommend it to anyone looking for a good skin care center. I still get compliments on how glowwy my skin looks even tho its been about a week since my last visit.

They were running a promotion, 2 treatments for about 65 SGD. Definitely value for money.

Their Service was professional and environment quite comfortable.