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Im here to complain regarding AEON Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang. It's about the foodcourt placed at the 2nd floor, particularly 1 shop that sells damn expensive food. I & my husband was there on thursday,27th december at 1.45pm to have our lunch. The stall I’m mentioning is the one beside MR.Mamak stall, they are selling malay mix rice. This girl who handle me was a short malay girl & she was not wearing spectacles. I took half rice,abit of kang kung vegetable & the few piece of sizzling tauhu & the charge was RM7.00..ok fine, still i could take it although it's far behind their cost. Next my husband who took, a fried chicken & fried tempe, she charged him RM15.00 !!!! total RM22.00!! I was repeatedly asking her wheather she charge me right or not with my eyes open wide with shocking cost..she kept telling yes..It's just a normal mix rice corner but they could afford to charge so damn expensive.
I came back & discuss this with my office staff's & they had the same experience too. Appreciate if u could take savior action on them by they not cheating & placing a fake cost on the customer. We hope to visit Jusco more often & not wanting not to see them again. I’m also sending this to the bloggers & publish this status on FB, so that people are aware & not get cheated with them again.Thanks.