High Pressure 20000 psi Contractor/Sales/Rental

NSR Sun Marine Sdn Bhd. Specialize in all types of vessel surface preparations including high pressure hydro jetting, sandblasting and mechanical surface cleaning of internal and external steel and aluminium structures. We’re experts in the application of commercial coating systems, including anti-corrosive, anti-fouling and high-gloss finish coatings. NSR Sun guarantees exceptional quality and exacting standards accomplished in an environmentally friendly manner to meet its customer’s demanding requirements. As part of our enhanced customer focused services, we will visit your plant, discuss your problems and ensure that you select the best solution based on cost effectiveness, efficiency and long – term maintenance consideration.
Rental Of Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Machine/Pump 10000psi to 40000psi, Tank Cleaning Contractor Services, Blasting And Painting Services, Hydro Jetting Equipment Services, High Pressure Hydro Jetting Services, Concrete Demolition Or Removal Services, Rental Of Scaffolding Services, Vessel Cleaning Services, Boiler Cleaning Services, Chemical Cleaning Services, Hydro Blasting Cleaning Services And Maintenance Contractor Services.

Inquiry please contact: Mr. Tan, 0173868830
Email: tanww.10@gmail.com / admin@nsrsun.com.
Company: NSR Sun Marine Sdn Bhd
Address: No. 42, Jalan Cenderai 25, Taman Perindustrian Kota Puteri, 81750 Masai. Johor. Malaysia.

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