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My son has encountered great difficulty in math especially in SPM where he found the problem-solving sums complicated and tedious, causing him to lose confidence. Math is a major subject and with his overall score, it has caused much anxiety especially he was undergoing SPM. There are lots of tutors available for math but getting the best one for your kid is still a tricky process. We are glad that Cikgu Saw has the expertise in the subject area and impressive credentials in the subject which has effectively given my son a much needed boost in his grades. Cikgu Saw's familiarity in the subject is important with the ability to relate to my son is just as critical as well. Math is very complex and your child needs someone who can explain the subject to the child in a way that he deems simple, fun and easy to understand.

Thank you Cikgu Saw for your constant encouragement and patience teaching in assisting my son obtaining an A in Math for his SPM!

Mrs.Jasmine Goh 2015
I totally agree with you.

Under Cikgu Saw’s guidance throughout the past 2 years, I was able to breeze through my SPM Science journey with ease. I always found myself a few steps ahead of my peers with the help of Cikgu Saw’s comprehensive notes and in-depth explanation of every chapter. School tutorials and tests became very manageable.

Cikgu Saw delivers lessons in a way that instils in me passion for science. Every lesson is full of interesting and mind-blowing concepts! Cikgu Saw always makes time and effort for weaker students while providing new challenges and resources for the faster ones. Despite being an extremely qualified teacher, he remains humble and constantly seeks to improve his teaching methods and materials.

Cikgu Saw has helped me to achieve an A for many SPM Science tests and exams. However, I have gained so much more than just mere results – the passion for Science! I am eternally grateful to Cikgu Saw who has helped and taught me. Thank you Cikgu Saw! You are my best ever teacher.

20 October 2015
Yes and yes.

Cikgu Saw weren't only my teacher, he is my inspiration, my determination when I needed it, my motivator, my number one fan and my friend. I was very very lucky to have him as my teacher.

When I first had him as my teacher, I was young and didn't understand fully how much he did for his students. Growing up, I realized I never had— and don't think I ever will have—another teacher like him.

Growing up, and going to high school, I found out there is a huge difference in teachers. Some are teachers to get their paycheck, others are there to make a difference in their student's life. You were the only teacher who ever checked up on me, pushed me to be the best I could be, and never, for a second, gave up on me. You should be the role model for all teachers.

Finding an amazing educator is hard these days. You always went above and beyond and continue to do so. The memories you build with your students is amazing.

You make time for your students outside of the classroom, and right there that should tell everyone you care about them, more than just what they do in the class.

You are my hero, Cikgu Saw

Zhi Ying - May 2016

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