Review Thank you for making me better.

Review of Pusat Bimbingan Saw (Saypbs)

Thank you for making me better.
Hi Cikgu Saw,

It is not an exaggeration to say that a great teacher can change a student’s life. There are an endless amount of great teacher stories that attest to the benefits of a strong relationship between an educator and pupil, and you are one of them.

As some of the most influential role models for developing students, you are responsible for more than just academic enrichment. I believe you are a great educator because you connect with your pupils and reach them on multiple levels. You have impacted virtually every aspect of my lives, teaching me the important life lessons that helped me succeed beyond exams and also in life.

It is not always easy to change a student’s life, which is why it takes a great teacher like you to do so. Some just need an extra push while others may be going through something troubling in their personal lives and need someone to talk to, and you are always there.

I have seen you spend your entire career learning the different ways you can change your students’ lives, here are three aspects that are directly making you a great teacher.

You make your classroom an exciting environment for learning which may not be easy, but which will benefit students immeasurably in the long run. Like me.

You work hard to pursue a particular goal. You inspired me to become better. I am so inspired by you that I accomplish amazing things, and that motivation you gave me almost always stays with me. Inspiration can also take many forms, I seen you helping pupils through the academic year and their short-term goals, I have also seen you guided some towards their future career. Years after graduation, as a working professionals myself, I constantly cite a particular teacher in my accomplishments, that is you.

Finally, you have helped many pupils and me to pursue higher education, explore career opportunities and compete in events they might otherwise have not thought themselves able to. I have always look to you as mentors with experience and knowledge.

In short, thank you for making me better... and I hoped the younger generations will have the opportunity like me to meet and learn from you. You have been amazing.


Michelle (Scotland)
22 MaY 2019

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