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Review of Pusat Bimbingan Saw (Saypbs)

You inspire!
To Cikgu Saw,

I personally thinks you are great teacher because you have the credentials, knowledge, critical thinking, and all other faculties of intelligence.

Apart from that, you are kind. You shows kindness to students and parents. You are positive. Being a positive teacher is even harder when we’re always met with problems with very limited solutions. However, you have have a tremendous positive impact on the students and everyone around because you always look to make things better and improve things inside and outside of the classroom.

You inspire my children to be a better student, and even a better person. You have uncovers hidden treasures, possibilities, and magic right before everyone’s eyes. Thank you for all the teachings and guidance.. we are deeply grateful for everything you have done.

You are indeed a hidden treasure and a gem in the education industry and I wish you all the best and will always recommend you to anyone because you inspire! Thank you...

Madam Cheah
28 June 2019
Hi Cikgu Saw,

Is me Mindy and I fully agree with Madam Cheah. I had so many ways to get to my destination, but you showed me the right one. Only a wise teacher like you can do that. I am really thankful to you! You did not only teach me what is good in life but also inspired me to do well in CAE. You are a great teacher and a good human being. Thank you for your contribution to building my life.

You are more than a teacher to me. You have been a wonderful mentor and an amazing companion for me. I feel grateful for having such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for everything!

Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever! Thank you!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me who I am. Without your contribution, I would feel less than a complete man. Thank you! Teacher, it has been 12 years...

My memories at Pusat Bimbingan Saw are not complete without your wise speeches in the classroom. I really miss those days a lot. Thank you for being such a great teacher!

12 July 2019

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