Review of Pusat Bimbingan Saw (Saypbs)

Review of Pusat Bimbingan Saw (Saypbs)

I had accidentally found this website and I have so many things to say that I don't know where to start! I am a VERY protective mom who was anxious and nervous about sending my child to tuition classes. However, Pusat Bimbingan Saw won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears! This school is the perfect blend of academics, culture appreciation, and socialization. They foster independence, creativity, and a genuine pride in learning in all of their students. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks and learning experiences they may not be familiar with. The principal of the school also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was choosing a school for my daughter (and believe me, I looked!).

I see the progress my daughter has made over the years she has been there and my husband and I are amazed! She has become a confident, independent, and respectful little lady who loves to learn.

As for tuition, as a previous reviewer mentioned, it is a little above average quality. However, if you compare the other tuitions, they offer so much more (even beyond what's in print)! This school has won UNSW ICAS Gold Medalist School two years in a row and it is well-deserved!!! You can't put a price on education and giving your children the best chance at a great start! I recommend this school with no reservations!

Irene Dudas, MD

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