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Great feedback & response time!
Good service and very attentive. The lawyers take a lot of initiative and time to hear problems or issues and find solutions and alternatives for resolution.
Pekerja yg x mesra( ala2 mancho..padahal lembut)
Saya ada berhenti di stesen shell dr shah alam ke kuala lumpur lebih kurang pukul 8.15pm... Saya nk isi minyak pam 17 x silap saya yg ada pam shell racing..(pam merah) dgn isian rm9. Saya berikan duit not rm20 pd cashier..masa tu cashier lembut2..(kunyit)...saya bgtau pam 17, merah, rm9...xtau la apa masalah dia pulangkan saya baki rm4. Saya kata kt dia yg saya beri rm20,saya pasti yg saya berikan rm20...tapi dgn nada yg x mesra alam...dia kata saya bg rm10...dan bila saya mahu mengisi minyak, minyak x keluar...maknanya dia x set pam yg saya minta. Lalu saya mintak dia pulangkan balik duit saya...bukan rm20, dia bagi saya rm10. Jika beginilah keadaannya...inilah yg terakhir saya mengisi minyak di sini...
Paid extra RM1000
Very poor service. They took my items on July 25 and put it on the ship one month later. In the documents, it shows that my package is 1.5 CBM but they charge me for 2.5 CBM. Paid extra RM1000. very unprofessional attitude.
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