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Yew Cake House-Layer Cake

Jalan Nirvana, Georgetown, 10400 George Town, Penang
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reviewed by Eva on 2013 May 23
This incident happen when my husband purchase 10x 2 pounds layer cake from Yew Cake House Penang. The cake was preorder a day earlier. One 2 pound layer cake cost RM80.00, consider expensive. But what then happen was that when we cut through the cake and we noticed that the layer cake brownish outside and a few layer carbon inside, blackish lines which hidden in layers. The cake taste bitter. We were so disappointed with the attitude of the cake house owner, an old lady who hang up the phone when we call to notify the quality of the layer cake. She even scolded us and blaming us ordering so much cakes. She speaks nonsense to avoid being responsible for own product. A cunning businesswomen.
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