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Good delivery
Delivery very fast, ask for urgent delivery as we have shipment to export. Help us out and get things done asap. Thanks...
Salesman very friendly even though I only buy 6 unit for my bakery shop, help me review on what we really need. Thanks ya.
Analisasi kilang beli plastic pallet
Pallet plastic banyak betul size. Manager dia datang kilang tengok shelfing kita dan buat ukuran untuk tolong kita propose pallet yang sesuai.

Dia bagi proposal semua untuk kita buat decision tengok pallet mana yang lebih sesuai untuk aplikasi kita.

Semua analysis dan report yang bagi kat kita tu cover semua area.

Terima kasih.
Many type of plastic pallet
We are a wood pallet user and we manufacture food product. Basically due to regulations and hygiene, we need to move forward and use plastic pallet and replace our wooden one. So, we are searching up and down for the size that we want so that we do not need to change our packaging but too difficult to find. We found Vanqo Plastics on and decided to contact them. I will not be disappointed if they do not have either, but turn out they have the exact thing that we need. Kudos !!!
Very informative sales person they have. I am not sure what my factory need actually, so they come and meet us and explain in a very detail manner. Basically, we want to safe as much cost as we can because we used to use wooden pallet and now transitioning into using plastic pallet. Not much hassle also. Thanks Lee !