Review of Pusat Bimbingan Saw (Saypbs)

Pusat bimbingan saw last time when in old place located at jalan mount erskine was the place where my son and other students grown up on their education and during that moment this centre just only offer ordinary school basement subject for upsr spm pmr and school exam subject only. Then after a few year of growing and also good respond the centre offer online learning and tutorial website for people to join as member and can access to games,learning material and study notes..after a few year later mr saw find ways of improvement by offfering and become a agent of learning for cambrdige and also adobe and much more course from overseas university..after that when many course and programme offered the centre had moved to pulau tikus which had a bigger learning hall(space)and better environment with more teachers,course and learning material supplied at the new location compare to old location and now all the students succcess and had a better future not only in kolej or school subject but also subject from overseas country university and more skills from them..thanks to pusat bimbingan saw for helping my son and all..
From parents of a successor(name to be hidden)

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