Review Your guidance is truly priceless!

Your guidance is truly priceless!
To Cikgu Saw,

You are a wonderful teacher, and as parents, we realize that we don’t have exquisite teaching qualities like yours. Thank you for taking good care of our child.

We are grateful that our son experienced studentship while with you. Indeed, it has shaped greatness into our child, more than we could have imagined.

I may not say this all the time, but your help and guidance to our son are very much appreciated. You are helping us to raise him to become such talented, smart, and kind individuals. You are making our work as parents so much easier. Thank you and we appreciate you very much!

I’d like to give you the credit you deserve for guiding my son and for making your class a comfortable place for him to learn and grow into adulthood.

It is impossible to put a price tag on the kind of education our child receives because as a teacher, your guidance is truly priceless. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Lee
10 Jan 2020

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